My Recent History Explained and why I am Back in Poland for Good

C9B98881-0EC2-4020-9B8D-765271C1EE08So I have been focusing lately on video editing using mostly iMovie on my iPad, here in Warsaw where I am an expat and love my country and the capital city I’m at. I recently had a bank account set up, Polish ID, and will soon make this site either a personal paid site with a custom domain or possibly a commercial blog depending on how things go. Apparenly it has had like 13k views so there is a chance it can take off with some work although I may have to remove the resume section and others.

I recently got a pretty badass scooter I’ve been traveling Warsaw with, alongside my iPad, and covering urban landscape graffiti here like this:


Warsaw really has an interesting urban culture and underground art scene and the above pic is that of the Legia Hooligans with Fighting Warsaw monument I made sure was shown in front. Photography is another thing I’ve rally been getting into, but again from the iPad. I’ve been obsessed again with the iPad just like when I first had the original model in 2010. The model I currently have is the 128GB non-pro 9.7″ edition, which suits my needs perfectly. In fact it is doing it so perfectly, I am writing this blog post from it all on its touchscreen display (yes not keyboard attachment just yet).

I am not sure if you guys know, but I ended up going to prison in the U.S and being deported for a fight with a guy named Raphael Luciano (his facebook with him displaying more kids as he hid behind them while saying he will end my existence). If you google his name you will see what he looks like as he uploaded a pic of himself with a naked baby on his arms (should be tried for distirbuting illegal porn imo). This strange individual was hiding behind his kids, putting such kids on his shoulders and talking crap to me trying to provoke me during a surf contest in Santa Cruz, which I admit I did not back down nor do my people from my culture (“Poland first to fight” slogans are real if you guys heard of em all the way back from WW2, plus the biggest and worst hooligans in the world come from here).

I caught him the next day away from his family one on one at a place called “The Hook” and walked by him with a bike and stopped as he was talking on the phone as he constantly was while his fourteen kids were malnurished imo and unsupervised and asked him if he wanted to talk about our issue the previous day.

The coward said to the person he was on the phone with, “hold on, I got to take care of this fucker,” and charged me thinking it was going to be a cakewalk for me and he will run through me, but no cigar. As he lunged at me, ripping my shirt, I used my mma taining to reverse him into a standing triangle then kneed him once. He fell forward bringing me down with him then grabbed my hair as I punched him and screamed like the coward he is, saying “ahhhh.”

Then I reversed his hair grip and put him in the rear naked choke and it was goodnight. Then I admit as I type here to be brutally honest, because this needs to be said, known to the wold what cowardice exists in the world, and spoken out truthfully, I hit him once in the temple for good measure, got on my bike and left. I saw some people around, Santa Cruz cowards who don’t want to be involved and are scared by such people or bought off with the dope he was probably distributing there, and said “he is fine will be up in a sec,” and left. He was already up as I turned the corner.

I left and helped my mom’s friends with a resume (another her skill I have in case anyone wants o hire me to fix up their resume). Then I ran my bike by that area and noticed him perfectly fine and smiling with a fellow that had longish ponytail-type hair walking around the parking lot to the gypsy’s van (full of fourteen kids while he does not work legally and none of his kids go to school).

This coward named Luciano I heard from a crap Santa Cruz lawyer, who started talking about plea bargains right away and stupid bs like estorting me into a plea saying if I don’t take it a GBI (even throuh he didnt receive any medical treatment) *might* be added, thus adding my sentence with three more years and me having to do 85% of all sentence. He had a warrant from San Diego county for assault according to this lawyer, from assault with a deadly weapon (245) and had a history or a charge of battering an elderly woman he was taking care of who never pressed charges (unlike this coward and his coward wife). And get this: I found this with someone like him also from Montana sharing his name stalking a woman that happened after this incident and while I was sitting in Santa Cruz county jail hearing from a corrupt lawyer that worked with the DA from day one instead of fighting for me, investigating and resisting the DA, that shows the kind of individual this is and how what I did by resisting him and standing my ground was noway hing but the highest honor:

Ralph N. Luciano, 53, Hot Springs, pleaded not guilty to felony stalking. An omnibus hearing is set for July 30; a jury trial is set to start Sept. 21.

On March 26 a woman called 911 to report that Luciano parked next to her at Walmart and then followed her into the store. He was under a court order to stay 500 feet away from the woman at all times. Luciano told the officer he did have a permanent order of protection against him, but he felt it did not apply in public places.

I am not sure for sure if that is him, but it definitely fits the profile snd his name is same (also Montana). Anyway, because of a couple other charges I had in America, and the fact that lawyer acted the way he did and the crap town of Santa Cruz is the way it is, and because I was a foreigner to them from Poland thus a threat, they did me in for this trash the way they did. The coward town ended up giving me a four-year sentence, which the lying lawyer (named George Gigarjian) didn’t mention that I had to serve 80% of my time (not 66% like he was trying to push on me if not promise) and I later got grabbed by ICE and deported to Poland. I signed the go-ahead to go for deportation from day one and it still took America two and a half months just to send me outmy way. Basically I did two and a half months extra for nothing other thsn being an immigrant (legal one with green card mind you).

I originally confronted him as he walked parallel to me about his kids selling rocks, and just wondering if he decided to move to the area near where I lived, and why none of his kids go to school or are watched/taken care of. I expected him to say they are homeschooled or on vacation but he started talking to me like a cult leader saying they dont need to go to school and god gives them all schooling they need. I had other shit going for me at the time and hated that town and how it constantly attracted trash like this, but I was going to let it go until he started cussing at me, threatening me snd calling me a retard like a bum in front of a bunch of people in public (loud) and tried to send some drug addict at me whom he was talking to and had a fat lip. But what did it was him throwing a skateboard near me as I rode by on my bike and saying he will end me while putting one of his sons on his shoulders.

So that’s that… knowing the fact how these people operate — including the lawyer, cops and coward who lunged at me after tying to provoke me by hiding behind his own kids — and the fact that through this post I exposed them somewhat, they will probably try to sue me for revesling me. However, the fact stands that the truth needs to be said, I have no money thry can sue, I am not in their jurisdiction and in a country that isn’t full of cowards and sue-happy people, and am from this ckuntry thus no reason for cops or judges or das or anyone to discriminate against me, I am confident in my future. Either way, I believe strongly in my homeland and believe that it will protect me and my rights, just like their country protected them and their good ‘ole boy cowards (even cops and my own lawyer lied for them and benefitted their corruptions where they are putting people in prisons like me who aren’t junkes and for nothing buy honor to make money off me).

So yes, I am looking for any freelance work possible, and now you know my story, so hit me up from Warsaw underground, Polonia.


BTw, wince I wrote this I found some interesting vids on Youtube showing this Raphael aluciano trying to do the same thing to people and provoke anyone he can and use his family as shields or witnesses for him.

Check out how he is mocking the cop here in Hawaii where he left to after that incident. Here he is squaring off and trying to provoke some lawyer also in Hawaii and after my incident with him.

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