Vector Graphic Design Using Illustrator

Here are some samples of my pure vector artwork. I have most of these samples saved in .ai, .pdf, and many of them also at .png for easy web transfer. However, some of them I sketched from bitmap inside Illustrator or I combined bitmap backgrounds with vector objects on foreground.

PDF Image File of the graphic above (best quality).

Another variation (PDF)  <—- This version may be better because the eyes look more natural as I originally used just black brush and tried to clean it up by going with pen tool for initial image above, but it was a bit too late by that point.

Here is another variation of the vector work saved as PNG:


PDF file of it thus highest quality and ready for print

Here is a further variation where I used an artboard to combine entire works as layers with image trace to make raster stuff vector as well. The PDF file is obviously better quality as the PNG was saved as 72ppi to avoid me bulking up WordPress with large file sizes.


PDF file of image above (better quality and larger file size)

Here is a variation with some color and gradient overlay work (pdf file below). I also played with various opacity settings and trace/expand options:

BrainAlone666 5

PDF file of image above (highest quality)

Another variation (PDF file)

Below is what I am working on next in terms of using the pen tools and adding some color to the face. This is a work-in-progress PDF file of the next design:

BrainAlone Newest

Upcoming Revision (PDF file)

Here is another graphic done entirely in Illustrstor as vector in PNG file format:

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 13.14.38

The image below is actually bitmap or raster overall, although it has some vector co ponents. It was mostly done in Photoshop using the PSD file format and using a photograph as backdrop combined with a couple iPad apps alongside Photoshop. However, I wanted to include it here because I have high resolution saves (including PDF below) that should make it stand out in terms of print quality and scalability.

Sample (as PDF) < — A bit different than the design above.