Video Editing Projects

EDIT: New Content Below (August of 2027); I have been getting back into video editing and producing slideshows or collages from my iPad using Facebook, iMovie, and took all images/videos using iPad all over Warsaw, Poland with many free, easy to access wifi hotspots. Here are some clips:

Warsaw Street Art (urban)

Tour Bus Through Warsaw Centrum

Here are some projects I made showing some of my video-editing skills. The first one is an iPad app (Screenplay for iPad) that I used my voice over to create a VNR for — as an application for a PR position. It is an ad showing the features of the application and I read a segment of the description from the press release — Here is an example from PRmac. I aimed for around 40 seconds and achieved this goal well. I used Audacity for voice editing and clarity — and AVS for the video editing segment.

The second video was more complicated and I shot all the footage — as well as edited them together with audio and transitions between cuts. I also star in and the project was a final assignment for a class teaching camera work, video editing, and film-making. I learned about angles of camera and video editing through this project. It was done using Final Cut Express and using my digital camera.

Besides these two projects, I have also produced the video presentation for in the “about us” section — I am credited at end. You can see it here.


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